What is Newtox (Jeuveau™)?

Newtox (brand name Jeuveau™) in Milwaukee is a modern-made neurotoxin approved by the FDA to temporarily improve the appearance of frown lines. It’s the first & only product of its kind dedicated exclusively to aesthetics! As the fourth neurotoxin to hit the market (& the only new option in almost a decade), it’s made using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process called Hi-Pure™ technology. Made for millennials. Made for everybody.


First, the name?

Jeuveau™ (pronounced Jū-vō) is a bit hard to pronounce, so the company has coined the term Newtox – an easier word for patients to understand pronounce.

Jeuveau™ is inspired by & rhymes with “nouveau”, a French term for “new” or “modern”. It’s the first product from the company Evolus, & part of its mission is to bring a fresh experience & perspective to the aesthetics industry. Not injected for medical conditions. 100% cosmetic use. It’s about time!


Is it safe?

In February 2019, Newtox (Jeuveau™) got its FDA seal of approval, marking the fourth BOTOX®-like product on the market. The formula has been thoroughly tested in over 2,100 patients across 5 clinical studies, including a head-to-head study against BOTOX®.


Is Newtox (Jeuveau™) the same as BOTOX® & how will they compare?

Since BOTOX® is a brand name product that is well-established in the market place of cosmetic procedures, Newtox (Jeuveau™) is NOT the same as BOTOX® the same way Adidas is NOT the same as Nike although both produce a similar type of athletic wear.

Peer-reviewed published research studies show Newtox (Jeuveau™) works similarly to BOTOX®, accomplishing about the same amount of muscle relaxation & line reduction, & lasting about the same amount of time. The only difference you’ll notice is price! Newtox (Jeuveau™) is $1 less/unit than BOTOX® at A360.


Can I have Newtox (Jeuveau™) if I’ve had BOTOX® before?

You absolutely can have Newtox (Jeuveau™) if you’ve received BOTOX® treatments in the past. Newtox (Jeuveau™) is simply a new type of neuromodulator, a family of injectable treatments made of proteins that are designed to soften the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Just make sure you’re aware of when your last treatment of BOTOX® was.


Is there downtime with Newtox (Jeuveau™)?

 There is zero to minimal social downtime with Newtox (Jeuveau™) injections when performed by a trained Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. There is always a risk of a small bruise, for example. The majority of patients do not look like they’ve had any treatment minutes after the injections.


How long does Newtox (Jeuveau™) last?

Most patients will have anywhere from 3-4 months of longevity. The duration of effect depends on a few factors. Every person is different in their muscle mass & metabolism. The dose administered aka “units” also plays a role in how long your results last.


Interested in receiving Newtox (Jeuveau™)?

Whether you’re a regular BOTOX® user or have been thinking about trying it, but still have questions, the Jeuveau™ launch is a great time to see how #Newtox can help stall the hands of time. Call 414-210-4073 for our introductory special! *Limited time. Terms & conditions apply.