LOVE + YOU = self-care



The month of love has arrived, why not make it a priority to dedicate time to loving yourself?
Taking time for self-care is not just a luxury, but it’s essential for a healthy emotional & psychological state of mind. Self-care comes in many forms, from a relaxing facial you’ve been
dreaming about to quiet time with a warm cup of tea or your favorite glass of wine and a book.
Whether it’s a few minutes, an hour, a whole day, or a week-long vacation…do something that
makes you feel like your best self!

Research on self-care suggests that it can be an important way of maintaining our well-being. For
example, one study found that an ongoing focus on self-care is essential for the prevention of
burnout and for maintaining one’s own psychological wellness. Participants who made more time
for self-care reported having better psychological health, being happier in their relationships, and
feeling more hopeful.


Here’s how each of us at AESTHETICS 360° make time for ourselves.

Charlotte, Owner/Manager

“My favorite way to unwind and relax is when I have the house to myself (not that I don’t love
my husband LOL). I brew a pot of my favorite green tea, turn off all electronics and disconnect
from the craziness that is life.  An hour with my thoughts, sitting on the couch looking out the
window at nature, maybe flip through a magazine. I do this about once a week and to rejuvenate my mind & soul.”



Angela, Master Medical Aesthetician

“My self-care is every Sunday after my daughter goes to bed. I put my phone away, turn on some
music and I care for my body. I mask my hair & my face and I do a manicure and pedicure on
myself. I find doing this is really important for my well-being because as a busy working mom
it’s not often I have time to take care of me. I feel a lot more confident about myself after self-
care and doing this on Sunday is a great way to prepare for the week ahead in a positive way.”



Cindy, Master Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

“My self-care involves getting together with friends for dinner at least once a month.  Catching
up with friends and experiencing new restaurants is always a relaxing time to me as well as
enjoyable. Our lives are always so busy, so it gives us time to laugh, reminisce and reconnect.”


Kathy, Master Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

“I turn to art as a release of any stress or tension I’m experiencing and use it as my alone time.
Whether it’s creating, crafting, or painting, it’s a form of self-care for me because I feel relaxed,
engaged, and happy. I allow my “art thoughts” to inspire other parts of my life, like the art of
injecting and self-expression.”



Aaron, Clinical Aesthetician & Instructor

“Journaling has quickly become my go to for self-care in 2019. Whether it is a full recap of the
day or jotting down a few things I am grateful for, journaling keeps me focused on the present
and excited for the future.”



Claire, Marketing Manager

“Indulging in a monthly massage is therapeutic both physically and mentally. I use this alone
time to unwind, relax, and recharge. Free of distractions and devices, I can always see an
improvement in my overall mood afterwards!”


PS February 17 is National Random Act of Kindness Day so get out there and get your random kindness on!