Meet QWO: The Go-To Summer Cellulite Treatment

We’re all itching to get back to the pool this summer, and who doesn’t want to feel their best in a bikini? It’s time to give up the failed brushes and expensive scrubs and achieve real, lasting results! Here’s the rundown on what you need to know about our QWO injectable cellulite treatment:

What to expect

QWO is the first FDA-approved treatment of its kind, and it’s permanent! Plus, this cellulite-fighting injectable treatment for the buttocks only takes about 10 minutes per injection treatment with no post-treatment time (however, bruising should be expected). 


When you come to the A360º office for your appointment, you’ll lie on your stomach while one of our trained injectors targets your problem areas. From there, you’ll only need to remain on your stomach for the next 5 minutes; then you’re set to walk out and go about your day! 


A complete treatment consists of 3 sessions of injections, each spaced 21 days apart, but you may start to notice results before you’ve finished all 3 treatments. 

Proven results

There’s a reason the QWO summer cellulite treatment is one of the 3 most effective treatments for nonsurgical body sculpting in Milwaukee. Cellulite forms when fibrous bands connect with muscles, which tighten and create a “lumpy” appearance of the skin. This unique formula of collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes is targeted directly into these dimples where it releases fibrous bands, reforms fat cells and amplifies your body’s natural collagen production. 

Before & after images

The AESTHETICS 360º team takes pride in offering personalized treatment plans to help every patient achieve their specific aesthetic goals. Check out our results gallery to see real patients’ results. 


Come to AESTHETICS 360º for your professional QWO summer cellulite treatment!

Ready to try this cutting-edge treatment (without the cutting)? Try out our virtual assessment tool to learn more about your treatment options based on your concerns. 


We also offer free in-person consultations for you to meet with our experienced aestheticians so we can get to know you better and maximize your results. We can’t wait to meet you and aid your journey to becoming the most beautiful, confident version of yourself!