Yes, You Do Need to Moisturize All Summer Long

Yes, You Do Need to Moisturize All Summer Long

Think you can skip the moisturizer just because it’s warm outside? Think again, friend.

Moisturizer should always be a vital part of your skincare arsenal, no matter the season. And since excessive summer heat can dehydrate your skin, it’s crucial to keep it moisturized during the summer. In fact, if your skin becomes oily, it might be a sign that your skin is dehydrated. In turn, your body will step up the production of sebum, an oily substance, to protect itself from drying out. Vicious cycle, right? Right.

Here are a few quick tips from our A360 aesthetic experts for keeping your skin happy, healthy, and moisturized this summer:
  1. Use a medical-grade moisturizer morning and night. We lose plenty of fluids during the summer and keeping our skin hydrated is as important as rehydrating our bodies. Certain moisturizers can help seal the moisture that is lost due to sweating. We love SkinBetter Science Hydration Boosting Cream and Restorsea Rebalancing Lotion for keeping that moisture exactly where it belongs.
  2. Exfoliate once a week to help rid your skin of dead skin cells — and that extra dirt and grime. (PS: If you think you might be exfoliating too much or too little, be sure to chat with your A360 aesthetician.)
  3. Protect your skin against sunburn by applying sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) all over your face and body at least 30 minutes before you go outdoors. Reapply sunscreen about every two hours — and don’t forget about your lips!

Summer heat also means more time in air-conditioned environments. And taking shelter from the warm weather by constantly staying in air-conditioned spaces makes your skin more prone to dryness. Ugh! That artificially dehumidified air plays a big role in drying out surface skin cells.

Luckily, one of the best things about moisturizer is it helps balance your skin — working to prevent it from getting either too oily or too dry, which can raise the risk of skin problems. Keeping your skin clean and hydrated throughout the summer helps it maintain its health all year long.

Want to learn more about properly moisturizing your skin during the summer, and the products and treatments that will help you grab that summer glow? Schedule your complimentary consultation today!