Why Skincare is the New Makeup for 2021

Why Skincare is the New Makeup for 2021

Anyone else been living in the no-makeup zone lately?

With face masks still an integral part of our lives, many of us are forgoing makeup for a fresh face. And while it does feel good to get all dolled up when we can (Google Hangout Happy Hour with friends, anyone?), allowing our skin a break from your makeup bag can be very rewarding.

Here’s a look at just three ways not wearing makeup is a win-win-win:

Your Acne Might Improve: Since makeup sits on top of your skin, it might affect your skin’s sebum production and its natural hydrators. Skin behaves differently depending on external factors, and makeup is no exception. And the more makeup we use, the more toxins we are putting on our faces. Don’t get us started on all the gunk that builds up on our makeup brushes (eeeew!). All these germs not only clog pores but cause inflammation, which leads to more breakouts  — and more makeup. It’s a truly vicious cycle. Luckily, giving your skin a chance to “breathe” — minus the makeup — helps restore your skin’s natural balance and can curb those pesky breakouts.

Bye Bye, Bacteria: Even if you’re washing your brushes regularly and sanitizing your makeup palettes, bacteria might remain on them and in the makeup itself. To make matters worse, most of us apply our makeup in the bathroom — which exposes our products to other types of bacteria that can contaminate our makeup. Mascara and eyeliners are the worst offenders — repeated application to the eye area might introduce bacteria to this very delicate skin and could lead to eye infections.

Your Pores Might Look Smaller: Foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer sure look nice — but underneath the surface, tiny makeup particles accumulate in our pores with each wear. Even with proper cleansing, dirt can build up and cause pores to become clogged and appear larger over time. Going sans makeup minimizes buildup inside the pores, which can make them appear smaller and give your complexion a smoother finish.

Of course, skipping makeup also provides the perfect opportunity to get the most out of your skincare products and treatments. That’s why, for 2021, our own Clinical Aesthetician Aaron is predicting skincare will be the new makeup. Now, bring on the SaltFacials, chemical peels, BBL, dermaplaning and microneedling — and get ready to SHINE!

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