for men.

Med Spa Treatments for Men in Milwaukee WI

A 360-degree experience is not just for women

men care.

Men care about their appearance and restoring confidence too!

According to medical aesthetic industry statistics, men are looking for ways to non-surgically and easily improve their appearance.  At AESTHETICS 360° Face & Body Center, our male patients feel welcome and comfortable in a neutral environment. Most MediSpas consistently use the word “beauty”, focus on female-centric treatments, and decor that is overwhelmingly feminine.  Both our male and female patients can enjoy a space that appears equally tailored to either gender.

we specialize in an all-around better you.

Men, we know that some of you are a bit uncomfortable walking into a MediSpa that focuses on women, and you may feel judged.

At AESTHETICS 360° our clinicians have extensive experience working with male patients of all ages.  Whether you’re in your 20’s and looking to rid yourself of unwanted hair or fat, or you’re in your 50’s and looking to gain a more youthful appearance for professional competitive reasons, we understand how to provide the subtle results that men appreciate.  Everybody loves a man that takes care of himself and exudes a youthful, confident, healthy aura!

services most commonly
requested by men.

BOTOX® cosmetic
BBL photofacial
laser hair removal

why should women have all the fun.


At AESTHETICS 360° Face & Body Center, we are dedicated to providing care and service resulting in patient delight. Contact our specialists today to schedule a FREE

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