moxi laser

Moxi Laser in Milwaukee

Appointment Duration

60 to 90 minutes


none to 1 week

Sessions Recommended

Series of 3, then 2 annually

What It Treats.

Moxi is a groundbreaking laser technology that offers gentle skin resurfacing, resulting in less downtime without sacrificing efficacy. Moxi produces fractional laser patterns that promote brand new cells to grow and works even better when paired with BBL HERO.

A single session with the Moxi laser in Milwaukee also reduces unwanted pigment, no matter your skin type!

Brown spots

Rough texture

Fine lines

Collagen loss

Enlarged pores


Actinic keratosis

Uneven skin tone

What to Expect.

The Moxi Laser Process

Pre-Care Instructions

preparing for Moxi Laser in Milwaukee

Post-Care Instructions

after your Moxi treatment

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Moxi Results

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why we love Moxi.

While skin damage is natural as we age, it can be prevented with the Moxi laser in Milwaukee. Moxi improves your skin’s integrity, no matter your skin type, skin tone, age, or lifestyle. It’s ideal for anyone looking to refresh their complexion, minimizing age and sun spots, fine lines, rough texture, and more. With a 96.6% patient satisfaction rate on, it’s no wonder patients and staff of AESTHETICS 360° continue to favor this prejuvenative device.

stop the clock.

The Moxi laser in Milwaukee isn’t just for patients with visible signs of aging. Studies have found that preventing wrinkles and sun damage is far more effective than actively reversing it. While Moxi addresses fine lines and unwanted pigment, it also prevents further damage. Prejuvenation is the key to maintaining your skin’s youthful state long-term.

boost collagen.

Unlike other skin resurfacing treatments, there’s no open wound created with Moxi. Rather, our specialists use the Moxi laser in Milwaukee, WI, to create microscopic “mends” beneath the skin’s surface. This kickstarts your body’s natural healing process and collagen production, which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines, provides a smooth texture, and reveals a youthful and healthy glow for all skin types.

invest in your skin’s health.

By strengthening the fibers responsible for maintaining your skin’s laxity and texture, skin may naturally appear more firm with a healthier appearance. With annual maintenance sessions, the Moxi laser improves your skin’s ability to fight against external damaging forces, including the sun and pollution. After many clinical studies, Moxi has been uniquely proven to improve concerns among patients with darker complexions as well.

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