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IPL Treatment in Milwaukee

Appointment Duration

45 to 60 minutes

Social Downtime

1 to 2 days

Sessions Recommended

1 to 6, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, then 1 to 2 annually

What It Treats.

A BBL photofacial (aka IPL) is the industry gold standard for treating common skin conditions associated with aging, lifestyle, and sun damage. With an IPL treatment in Milwaukee, your skin cells are stimulated and regenerated, restoring skin to a rejuvenated, smooth, and vibrant appearance. We use the BBL HERO, which is the gold standard in IPL treatments.

Brown spots

Age spots

Loss of collagen

Enlarged pores

Chronic redness


Small vessels

Broken capillaries


What to Expect.

The IPL Treatment Process

Pre-Care Instructions

preparing for your IPL treatment in Milwaukee

Post-Care Instructions

after your IPL treatment

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IPL Treatment Results

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why we love the BBl hero

Our BBL HERO, or IPL treatment, uses the power of light to generate heat and destroy damaged skin cells.

Light comes in a variety of wavelengths that could be both beneficial and harmful, depending on the type. Longer wavelengths, like broadband or infrared light, have more positive effects on the skin. They selectively target and remove impurities that come from harmful UV rays and other impurities. That’s why an IPL treatment in Milwaukee is the perfect solution to reverse the sun’s damage on your skin!

results matter.

With almost 250 reviews on, 87% of patients think BBL is worth it! At AESTHETICS 360°, our expert providers follow the treatment plan created by Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., inventor of the photofacial. We want to optimize amazing results for our patients receiving IPL treatments in Milwaukee, WI. All treatment plans are customized to address individual patient concerns.

gentle and non-invasive.

An IPL treatment l is gentle and proven safe. You may feel a warm sensation as light is absorbed by the targeted area, treating a variety of common skin conditions. Realize younger-looking skin with IPL treatments in Milwaukee from AESTHETICS 360°!

little to no downtime.

Most patients experience little to no downtime and are able to apply makeup, return to work immediately, and resume most activities after receiving BBL. You may experience some redness, which typically disappears within a few hours after your IPL treatment appointment at AESTHETICS 360° in Milwaukee. Results will depend on skin type, the area treated, and the number of treatments.

what causes uneven, damaged skin?

Having uneven and damaged skin can be a huge damper on your skincare goals. Fortunately, our IPL treatment in Milwaukee with AESTHETICS 360° is the perfect solution for uneven skin, age spots, rosacea, freckles, and even small blood vessels—regardless of where they came from.


As we age, excess melanin clumps together and forms dark spots on our skin. The age spots are especially common for people over the age of 50.

sun exposure.

Sun exposure racks up over the years, and if you didn’t wear SPF when you were younger, you’re more than likely starting to see the effects of sun damage now. This includes dark spots and freckles.

environmental toxins.

Weather conditions, chemical exposure, smoking, alcohol use, daily exposure to electronic devices, pollution, poor nutrition, and lack of sleep, can cause the skin’s outer layer to lose its glow, making the skin appear more aged.

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