BOTOX® Cosmetic

Botox in Milwaukee


what it treats

Fine Lines & Wrinkles (See Diagram)

Frown Lines

Crow’s Feet


Around the Mouth

Lip Flip

Neck Bands

area it treats




*BOTOX® Cosmetic is FDA approved to treat frown lines between the brows, forehead lines, & crow’s feet in adults. All other areas are safely treated off-label. Find a qualified & experienced injector to administer your BOTOX® so that you feel comfortable & minimize the risk of any side effects.


procedure time

30 minute procedure

recovery time

None, Mild

Botox treatment times do not include recommended 45-minute FREE consultation with VISIA Skin Analysis & photo session. Individual results with treatment times & recovery will vary.


Results are commonly seen between 2 to 5 days, with continued improvement for up to 2 weeks. The treatment will last approximately 3 to 4 months. Repeat injections are necessary to maintain effects. It’s recommended that when you start to see movement, it’s time for re-treatment.

Alexandra, Front, Forehead

Ava, Front

Clint, Front

Cynthia, Front

Cynthia, Side

Jim, Front

Jim, Side

  • 1.

Alexandra, Front, Forehead

Ava, Front

Clint, Front

Cynthia, Front

Cynthia, Side

Jim, Front

Jim, Side

about BOTOX®.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the #1 non-surgical aesthetic treatment in the world.

Wrinkles usually come from a combination of many factors, including muscle contractions via facial expressions. When you frown or concentrate, raise your brows or squint, the muscles contract, causing your skin to furrow & fold. This repeated folding of the skin causes wrinkles to form. BOTOX® Cosmetic, a neurotoxin protein, targets these repeated muscle contractions. BOTOX® in Milwaukee is designed to turn back the clock by temporarily softening & smoothing the appearance of lines. Our goal is to help you look your best, naturally. Wouldn’t it be great to skip the filter on your selfies?


debunking BOTOX® myths.

BOTOX® can help you look more youthful & relaxed.

At AESTHETICS 360°, we believe in providing natural results that are harmonious to your facial features. In other words: No worries about “frozen face” here! Your results will be natural and age defying — that’s the 360-degree difference.

for men.
for women. 

BOTOX® Cosmetic can help everybody look & feel their best.

Millennials & men are the largest growth segments of the aesthetic market. Men are seeing the same benefits of BOTOX® as women – looking younger & feeling better about themselves at work & in their daily lives. So, if you’re a guy who’d love to smooth out a few fine lines & wrinkles & slow the signs of aging, rest assured you’re not alone.

It’s become increasingly common to prevent wrinkles before they arrive. Getting preventative Botox injections in Milwaukee at AESTHETICS 360° can help prevent future lines & wrinkles from forming in the first place. A good rule of thumb for when to start preventative BOTOX® is “if you can see it, you can treat it.” The earlier you catch a wrinkle, the better you can prevent it from settling in… millennials love it!

AESTHETICS 360° Face & Body Center was designed with both men & women of all ages in mind. Experience the 360-degree difference with a treatment of BOTOX® in Milwaukee WI at AESTHETICS 360°.


efficient & effective.

BOTOX® has been used safely for over 30 years, treating more than 20 different conditions.

Over time, your skin loses its natural elasticity, resulting in wrinkles from repeated facial expressions. BOTOX®, an industry-leading injectable, can erase the unwanted lines & wrinkles that you’ve started to notice every time you look in the mirror. We use technology developed by Allergan, a leader in medical aesthetic technology, to help you look as young as you feel on the inside. An appointment for BOTOX® in Milwaukee WI is easy to fit into a busy schedule, because treatment moves smoothly with little to no discomfort. Get treated in as little as 20 minutes. Go on about your day post-treatment.

very few risks & side effects.

BOTOX® in Milwaukee is the perfect way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines with few risks. 

Any side effects associated with the procedure are very minor. When you get your Botox done by the medical professionals at AESTHETICS 360°, you’re sure to get the best results and avoid side effects such as headaches, drooping eyes, and unnatural stiffness. 

the right treatment for you.

We can educate you on how your skin is improving & document the progress over time.

While BOTOX® relaxes the muscles that cause lines & wrinkles, it does not hinder facial expression. At AESTHETICS 360° Face & Body Center, BOTOX® wrinkle results are always natural & harmonious to adjacent facial features. We never use more product or more injections than needed. You will look like yourself, with fewer lines…& a little more relaxed!

With an in-depth analysis of your skin, the experts at AESTHETICS 360° can use facts instead of estimates to determine what products & treatments would effectively & efficiently work for you. Always find a provider with specialized training in facial anatomy & a well-developed aesthetic eye.

the process.



When getting your Botox in Milwaukee at AESTHETICS 360°, we’ll make sure that you’re more than comfortable. Our goal is to do everything we can to help you feel at ease. When we’re ready to inject, we’ll ask you to contract your muscles so that we can know exactly where the Botox should go. This ensures maximum precision and accuracy. 


Botox injections typically take about 30 minutes, and after we’re done, you can go about your day. It’s a super easy process that will leave you looking younger and more confident! It’s perfect if you want to stop by during your lunch break or in between running errands. 


For the best results, we may have you return for a series of treatments, especially if you have deeper lines you want to address. But don’t worry, you’ll still start seeing results between 2 to 5 days, and they’ll only continue to improve over the next couple of weeks! 

experience the 360-degree difference.

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