dermaplaning in milwaukee wi



what it treats

Superficial acne scars

Rough skin texture

Uneven Skin Tone

Peach Fuzz

area it treats






procedure time

20 minutes

recovery time


Treatment times do not include recommended 30-minute FREE consultation with VISIA Skin Analysis and photo session. Individual results with treatment times and recovery will vary.




about dermaplaning.

Your makeup will glide on!

Dermaplaning in Milwaukee WI is a gentle and safe non-invasive form of exfoliation by hand. Using a surgical blade, the outer layers of the epidermis are exfoliated. Dead skin cells, gone. Impurities and debris, history! Peach fuzz, a thing of the past! Complexion is smooth, soft and vibrant. New skin cells are encouraged to regenerate.

combinations for enhanced results.

Dermaplaning in Milwaukee WI can be performed throughout the year on all skin types.

Dermaplaning in Milwaukee WI can be performed throughout the year on all skin types. For even better results, having a chemical peel at the same time is an excellent treatment. Dead skin cells act as a barrier against product absorption, so the effective ingredients in chemical peels are better able to penetrate the skin to reduce sun damage, diminish the appearance of pores, soften fine lines, and regenerate new cells. Dermaplaning is not recommended for acneic or acne-prone skin. It is safe for pregnant or lactating women.


no, your hair won’t grow back thicker and darker.

Peach fuzz is the nickname for what’s known as Vellus hair. Vellus hair is short, thin, barely noticeable hair that many of us find a way to notice on our faces anyway (and other parts of the body). Sometimes it’s more noticeable in certain lighting conditions. Vellus hair does not grow back thicker…it’s different than the hair that is in a man’s mustache or beard, or the hair that we have under our arms, on our legs, brows, etc.  



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