Moxi Laser

Moxi Laser in Milwaukee


what it treats

Sun Damage


Fine Lines

Aging Skin

Uneven Skin Tone & Texture

area it treats








procedure time

Approximately 45-60 minutes, including time for topical numbing.

recovery time

Depending on the level used, zero to minimal downtime.

Treatment times do not include recommended 45-minute FREE consultation with VISIA Skin Analysis & photo session. Individual results with treatment times & recovery will vary.


Ongoing results from the Moxi laser continue to develop for the next 3 months as long-term collagen production continues, revealing a more youthful and healthy complexion. Multiple sessions are usually recommended, depending on the individual and their skin goals.

about moxi.

The key to preventative skin care.

Moxi is a groundbreaking laser technology that offers gentle skin resurfacing, resulting in less downtime without sacrificing efficacy. Acting as a trailblazer for recent devices like HALO, Moxi produces fractional laser patterns that promote brand new cells to grow. A single session with the Moxi laser in Milwaukee also reduces unwanted pigment, no matter your skin type! With a 96.6% patient satisfaction rate on, it’s no wonder patients and staff of AESTHETICS 360° continue to favor this prejuvenative device.


UV rays affect everyone.

The sun doesn’t discriminate, but thankfully neither does Moxi!

UV induced photoaging affects men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Plus, your skin naturally decreases its collagen production by 1 to 1.5% every year, making it more difficult for your skin to “bounce” back. While skin damage is natural as we age, it can be prevented with the Moxi laser in Milwaukee. 

boosting your collagen and your confidence.

Unlike other skin resurfacing treatments, there’s no open wound created with Moxi. Rather, our specialists use the Moxi laser in Milwaukee, WI to create microscopic “mends” beneath the skin’s surface. This kickstarts your body’s natural healing process and collagen production, which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines, provides a smooth texture, and reveals a youthful and healthy glow for all skin types.

As your skin produces more collagen, it allows for a stronger foundation to form. Think of your skin as a sweater: as you wear and wash it more often, the fibers loosen and appear less tightly woven.

Moxi not only acts to tighten these bonds, but also prevents them from getting to the point where visible signs of aging appear. As your results continue to improve over the following months, and with annual maintenance, your skin will actually feel healthier and younger, as well as look it.

stop the clock.

By strengthening the fibers responsible for maintaining your skin’s laxity and texture, skin may naturally appear more “lifted” with a healthier appearance.  With annual maintenance sessions, the Moxi laser improves your skin’s ability to fight against external damaging forces including the sun and pollution. After many clinical studies, Moxi has been uniquely proven to improve concerns among patients with darker complexions as well.

investing in your skin’s health.

The Moxi laser in Milwaukee isn’t just for patients with visible signs of aging. 

Studies have found that preventing wrinkles and sun damage is far more effective than actively reversing it. While Moxi addresses fine lines and unwanted pigment, it also prevents further damage. Prejuvenation is the key to maintain your skin’s youthful state long-term. 

a treatment for all.

Moxi improves your skin’s integrity, no matter your skin type, skin tone, age, and lifestyle. It’s ideal for anyone looking to refresh their complexion, minimizing age and sun spots, fine lines, rough texture, and more.

Plus, it’s great for patients in their 20s and 30s looking to take preventative skin care measures. Boosting your collagen before levels dwindle gives you the higher ground in the battle against aging!

what to expect during and after a moxi treatment.

The Moxi laser is a gentle yet effective form of resurfacing, with zero to minimal downtime. 

Our experts at AESTHETICS 360 value your comfort and will apply a topical numbing cream 30 minutes prior to starting treatment. Upon beginning your session with the Moxi laser in Milwaukee, you’ll feel blasts of warm “prickling” sensations as the laser penetrates the dermis across the treatment area. While you may experience a mild to moderate rosiness immediately after treatment, this will usually subside in a few days as dead cells begin to shed. This rough feeling will go away and leave you with smooth, glowing skin! You’re free to return to your daily activities and can apply makeup after 24 hours. 

the process.



During your Moxi treatment, our extensively trained laser specialists will glide the device over the surface of your skin. As the customized wavelengths meet your skin, collagen production will increase and damaged cells will rise to the surface with every pulse.


The Moxi process can take as little as 8 minutes and as many as 30, depending on the treatment area and the number of passes required. Immediately after completing your session, you’ll be able to drive back to work, home, or wherever you’re headed without having to worry about any discomfort. After shedding dead skin cells within the next few days, your skin will appear more radiant and smooth, with age-defying results continuing to improve over the following 3 months.


While you may experience redness and warmth the day of treatment, this usually subsides by morning. Then, your skin will feel rough as your complexion sloughs away damaged cells for healthy ones. You can achieve unmatched confidence by reclaiming the youthful glow you’ve been longing for!

experience the 360-degree difference.

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