I Saw the Sign: 5 Signs Your Skin Isn’t “In” to Your New Product

I Saw the Sign: 5 Signs Your Skin Isn’t “In” to Your New Product

It’s happened to all of us: We think we’ve found a favorite new skincare product, only to experience an unfavorable reaction. Or, it simply just doesn’t work — even after months of proper use. Frustrating? Absolutely!

If you’re concerned a new product isn’t working for your skin the way it is intended, your first step is to chat with your A360 aesthetician. A simple convo with your go-to skin guru will determine if:

  • The reaction you are experiencing is normal. For instance, some of the warning signs we highlight below can also be totally normal effects of certain active ingredients, and will dissipate with time.
  • You should discontinue use of the current product, and how long to wait before trying a new, similar product.
  • You have a potential skin allergy to a particular active ingredient.

That said, there are a few general signs to be aware of when starting any new skincare product:

Medical-Grade Skincare products recommended by your A360 medical aesthetician are your best bet for avoiding any unwanted side effects.

1. The sign: Stinging

Stinging often occurs from using too many products that contain the same active ingredients, or if your skin simply can’t tolerate a certain ingredient. That’s why it’s vital to work with your aesthetician when developing your skincare routine so he or she can ensure you are using the correct products — with the correct percentage of active ingredients — that will work together in harmony instead of overloading your skin. If you feel a stinging sensation upon application of product, discontinue use and contact your A360 medical aesthetician.

2. The sign: Dryness

A compromised skin barrier is typically to blame for dryness or peeling. Irritated skin lacks healthy lipids, which results in a dehydrated skin barrier that is vulnerable to flaking, peeling and dryness. You might need to add a more robust moisturizer to your skincare routine, or cut back on the amount of the new product you are using. But only your A360 medical aesthetician will be able to determine your best course of action for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.

3. The sign: Rashes

Ingredients that add fragrance and texture to the product formulas can sometimes cause a rash, eczema or mild inflammation to develop. Rashes can also be a sign of an allergic reaction. If you develop a rash after using a product, immediately discontinue and reach out to your A360 medical aesthetician for guidance.

4. The sign: Oiliness

When harsh products strip the skin of its natural layer of oil, the body produces more oil to compensate for the dryness — resulting in oilier skin. Upping your moisturizer game — choosing a medical-grade moisturizer or changing your moisturizer for the season — is often the first step to combat oily skin.  A quality oil designed for the face is the first step to controlling swings in dryness and oiliness and may seem counter-intuitive, but it works!  The entire A360 team swears by Restorsea 24kt Liquid Gold Face Oil.

5. The sign: Hives 

Hives are a more extreme allergy that tends to appear relatively soon after application. Hives can appear as swollen, red and itchy welts. Immediately discontinue use of the product and reach out to your A360 medical aesthetician.

Not sure if your new skincare product is right for your skin? Contact your A360 licensed medical aesthetician, who will provide personalized guidance based on your skin history, goals, and current skincare regimen. Better yet? Take the time to work with your A360 medical aesthetician from the start to develop your skincare routine. Our licensed aestheticians have years of experience and education not only in aesthetics, but medical aesthetics. He or she will take the time to listen, educate, and ensure you are using the best possible medical-grade skincare products to see real results!

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