We Heard a Rumor … Now We’re Busting 5 Myths About Lip Fillers

We Heard a Rumor … Now We’re Busting 5 Myths About Lip Fillers

Let’s be honest: We’re not here to give you lip service. 

But as far as the aesthetics industry has come in clearing up popular misconceptions about fillers, the rumors persist. That’s why our advice is always the same — choose a reputable injector and medispa that prides itself on professionalism, honesty and transparency. 

That said, let’s take a few minutes to clear up some myths our injectors are often asked about lip fillers:

Myth #1: My Lips Will Look Fake. 

As with anything from a tailored haircut to cooking a gourmet meal — technique is everything. A good injector will spend time talking with you about how to achieve your perfect pout goals. While every patient is different, the best way to ensure a natural result is by choosing a skilled injector from a reputable medispa who will be transparent about your expectations and results. And that’s the truth!

Myth #2: Only Those with Thin Lips Need Apply. 

Although adding volume is a common request, we often see patients who would like to define a Cupid’s bow, correct asymmetry, even out disproportionate lips, uplift turned-down smile corners, or who suffer from dry, cracked lips (which may appear glossier with fillers).

Myth #3: There’s a TON of Upkeep.

Of course you will need regular treatments to maintain your look — but perhaps not as often as you’d think. Duration depends on many factors such as how much product was used, type of filler (such as Restylane KYSSE, Juvéderm Ultra or the newest designer filler to hit the market, RHA2) and where it was injected. Other factors that affect the duration of your treatment include smoking, metabolism and exposure to sun/UV rays, as all of these break down filler. The most important thing? Having an open, honest conversation with your injector about your maintenance schedule so you are both on the same page. 

Myth #4: Duck Lips Can’t be Fixed. 

If you are injected with a hyaluronic acid filler, like RHA2, Juvéderm Ultra or Restylane KYSSE, sometimes product can migrate to an unwanted area, a stubborn lump won’t settle into tissue — or maybe you simply changed your mind. No matter the reason, a skilled nurse injector can “dissolve” the filler by injecting an enzyme called Hylenex into the area. Dissolution is noticeable almost immediately, and will continue to improve for a number of days after injection. 

Myth #5: Lip Filler Will Stretch Your Lips — Permanently.

Nope, and here’s why: Injecting hyaluronic acid (a substance that naturally exists in our bodies) filler into the skin often stimulates collagen production. Even after your body’s natural enzymes start to dissolve the filler, what’s left over actually may thicken your skin’s dermis (the outermost layer you want to stay thick and healthy in order to prevent fine lines and wrinkles).

Do you have questions about lip fillers and how to achieve your perfect pout? Contact us today for a consultation.

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