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360° signature treatment
(includes face, neck & chest)





360° acne treatment

Acne or acne-prone skin

Inflamed skin

Whiteheads & blackheads

Clogged pores


procedure time

60-75 minutes

recovery time

None to minimal

Treatment times do not include recommended 45-minute FREE consultation with VISIA Skin Analysis and photo session. Individual results with treatment times and recovery will vary.



about 360° specialty facial treatments

Our 360° Signature & 360° Acne treatments provide advanced expert skin care.

At AESTHETICS 360° our daily goal is to provide an all-around elevated patient experience. That goal doesn’t end when it comes to providing the best specialty facial treatments. Meet our 360° Signature Treatment and our 360° Acne Treatment — and both can only be found exclusively at AESTHETICS 360° Face & Body Center.

Our 360° Signature Treatment, a specialty facial treatment near you in Milwaukee, is the foundation for healthier skin for adults of all ages. Unlike typical facial treatments, our 360° Signature Treatment includes the face, neck and chest for rejuvenating, detoxifying, hydrating, soothing and so much more. The treatment includes:

  • Deep cleanse of face, neck and chest

  • Dermaplaning to remove peach fuzz, dead skin cells and debris
  • Superfruit enzyme mask application that gently exfoliates while supplying a base for face, neck and chest massage
  • Steam and extractions
  • Intensely hydrating and soothing jelly mask on face
  • Hydrating marine botanicals mask on neck and chest
  • While face, neck and chest are masking, hand microdermabrasion followed by hand and arm massage
  • LED light treatment to boost collagen, rejuvenate skin and provide anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Customized product application finish

Our 360° Acne Treatment at AESTHETICS 360° fights a variety of acne and acne-related skin concerns for people of all ages.

  • Deep cleansing
  • Skin assessment
  • Pore purifying mask application for gentle exfoliation
  • Steam and extractions
  • High-frequency hand-held technology to reduce inflammation and target bacteria
  • A 9-minute, medical-grade LED blue light treatment to help destroy acne causing p.acnes bacterium
  • Illuminize peel to reduce and manage inflamed acneic skin and increase cellular turnover
  • Customized product application finish

No matter what kind of acne you have, this acne treatment near you can help manage the source deep within your pores.

Alternating either of these specialty treatments with other complementary procedures, such as our SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy, will provide optimal results and camera-ready skin!

For a specialty facial treatment near you in Milwaukee, contact the medical facial experts at AESTHETICS 360°.

deep dive: where does acne come from?

There’s a variety of sources that lead to acne, but it all comes down to one thing: oil buildup in the pores. Fortunately, our 360° Acne Treatment uses advanced techniques to help manage acne, including:

Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes from puberty, birth control pills, monthly cycle, or pregnancy can trigger oil production, leading to clogged pores.

Medications: Certain medications such as birth control or corticosteroids can lead to the development of acne on your face and body.

Genetics: Acne can definitely run in the family. If you find that close family members suffer from acne, you’re more likely to see flare ups, too.

High sugar diet: Too much refined sugar and carbohydrates can exacerbate existing acne, and contribute to the development of whiteheads and blackheads.

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