How to Rethink Your Skincare Routine with “Skinimalism”

How to Rethink Your Skincare Routine with “Skinimalism”

So, you’ve bought all those products your favorite “skinfluencer” promoted on TikTok, and now you — and your skin — are very unhappy. Your bathroom drawers are overflowing with half-used products, and you still haven’t found any new go-to products to keep your skin healthy and treat your concerns. And you might even be a “product junkie!”


We see it very often here at A360 … not giving a product a chance to work, or confusing your skin with too many products. A360 five-star aesthetic duo Suzy and Aaron to the rescue!


Worse yet? What you don’t always see on social media are the potential side effects of misusing some of these viral products — like the common misstep of overloading on powerful active ingredients. Yikes!


It’s this downside of chasing the new hottest thing that’s given rise to a whole new concept in skincare: “skinimalism.” Think of it as spring cleaning, for your skin: Pairing down your massive skincare “collection” and instead sticking with a few key medical-grade products that (1) actually work for your skin and (2) you will actually use as directed, on a daily basis. What a concept!


So, where do you start? Solid skincare product recommendations straight from a reputable source — without all the trial and error – will cut down on purchasing unnecessary products. And that’s as easy as a complimentary consultation with your A360 clinical aesthetician. Unlike influencers who share their “medical knowledge” for free on Instagram and TikTok, skilled and educated aestheticians like Suzy and Aaron at A360 actually have the knowledge and experience to recommend clinically proven, medical-grade skincare products for your unique skin. And that’s a win-win for your skin, and your bathroom drawers!


The more-is-more mentality — especially when it comes to skincare —  is not only unnecessary and costly but can actually damage your skin. Using too many products can cause unwanted side effects like redness and flaking; and using the wrong products means throwing away your money on products that will do ZERO for your skin. Choosing medical-grade skincare products curated just for you by your aesthetician means focusing on your skin’s specific needs for repair, prevention and enhancement — not on treating it with the latest fad.


The bottom line: Committing yourself to a pared-down, aesthetician-developed skincare routine is what your skin needs to be in tip-top shape. It’s “skinimalism” at its best. And that complimentary consultation with one of our A360 clinical aestheticians is just one click away!


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