Is Your Home Harming Your Skin?

Is Your Home Harming Your Skin?

Home “not so sweet” home? While many of us are preparing for a winter hibernation in the cozy confines of our homes, the unexpected side effects that come with this “nesting” time of year are anything but comfort for your skin. 

Here’s a look at some of those pesky anti-perks of home life, and how to make your home a safe and happy place for you and your skin.

The Problem: Dry Indoor Air

Did you know the air in your home can be harmful to your skin, especially during the winter months? Studies have shown dry indoor air can lead to rough, dry skin. It can also worsen symptoms of skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

But wait, there’s more: Air that’s too dry can also decrease your skin’s elasticity and weaken your skin’s barrier against environmental factors, like pollutants. As a result, when you come into contact with allergens or irritants, your skin may be more easily damaged.

The outermost layer of your skin is its first line of defense — and in order for it to properly do its job, it needs to be sufficiently hydrated.

A simple fix? In addition to hydrating your skin from the inside out with water and hydration-rich foods, it might be time to invest in a humidifier. Humidifiers can help to counter indoor air’s drying effect by increasing moisture in the air to help avoid discomfort and retain your skin’s glow.

Humidifiers are especially helpful during the colder months of the year because winter is an unfortunate double whammy to air humidity levels: Artificial heat makes indoor air extremely dry and cold temperatures make the outdoor air very dry. This alternating of dry hot and cold air can strip the skin of its natural oils.

The Problem: Surprise Acne

Never had an issue with acne and now you’re suddenly battling those angry red bumps? There are a few ways acne can sneakily find its way onto your face and body while you’re enjoying time at home.

First, if you’re sleeping in a bit later than usual or living for afternoon cat naps, you might be exposing your skin to more oil than usual from your pillowcases and sheets. Excess oil on your sheets, plus extra time spent in them, can add up to acne. Try switching to silk pillowcases (which is also a bonus for your hair!) and make sure you are washing your bedding at least once a week.

And if you’re suffering from seasonal depression or anxiety, it can feel difficult to do more than brush your teeth and wash your face. That means moisturizing and pampering “extras” are taking a backseat in your skincare routine.

Establishing a skincare routine for morning and night — one that you will stick to and at least covers the most important basics — is vital to ensuring you are giving your skin the attention it needs and deserves.

Plus, extra steps that can bring out skin’s radiance — like exfoliation and trips to the medispa for treatments like the SaltFacial — can give your mood a boost during stressful times. (For a personalized winter skincare routine and product recommendations to boost your skin, ask your A360 aesthetician or schedule a complimentary consultation).

The problem: You’ve Lost that Healthy Skin Glow

Is more time at home leading to sallow, dull skin? It’s no surprise. Not only is your healthy, outside sun exposure at a minimum but all that extra screen time is contributing to your sad skin.

The blue light emitted from your phone and computer screens is a silent but very real threat to the health of your skin. Luckily, research suggests the effect of blue light on skin is likely cumulative — which means you won’t spend eight hours on Zoom today and notice new wrinkles tomorrow.

Now is the time for preventive care — which is as simple as adding a good broad-spectrum sunscreen, like SkinBetter Science SunBetter Sheer Sunscreen Stick, into you daily routine. Look for sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which help reflect light rays to offer broad protection against UV and high-energy visible light.

Then, bundle up A-list, because it’s time to take a walk and soak in some natural light!

Want to learn more about boosting your skin’s luminosity while spending more time at home? Talk to your A360 aesthetic specialist during your next visit or schedule a complimentary consultation.

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