The Microneedling Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

The Microneedling Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Think you know everything there is about one of our favorite skin-rejuvenating treatments? Microneedling, a non-surgical treatment that utilizes a device that creates “micro” punctures in the skin, is designed to improve the appearance of a variety of skin conditions.

The FDA-cleared microneedling SkinPen used at A360 glides across the skin in a stamping-like process, creating thousands of microscopic channels to stimulate the skin’s production of new collagen and elastin. Pretty great, right? Now it’s time to test your knowledge of this aesthetician and client favorite. See how many questions below you can answer (and no peeking at the answers!).


  1. What areas of concern does microneedling treat?
  2. What is the best way to maximize your microneedling results?
  3. How long should you wait before breaking a sweat after your microneedling treatment?
  4. Is an at-home dermaroller the same as microneedling in a medical spa?
  5. Why is it important to avoid sun exposure for two weeks after your treatment?

Ready to see how well you know microneedling? Compare your answers with our key!


  1. Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment otherwise known as collagen induction therapy. It rejuvenates skin from the inside out by building up depleted collagen and increasing blood flow. This process leads to an improvement in the appearance of acne scars; fine lines and wrinkles; sun damage; stretch marks; pores and overall tone and texture. It is safe for all skin types and can be used on all parts of the body.
  2. That’s simple: To achieve maximum results, ongoing treatments are recommended, as well as an at-home skincare regimen utilizing medical-grade skincare products. Ask your A360 aesthetician for a “SkinScription” during your next visit.
  3. It’s crucial to just leave your skin alone after your microneedling treatment for the rest of the day. Giving it until morning to shower and wash your face is important. Want to work up a sweat? Waiting a minimum of 24 hours to exercise is an absolute must — all those newly created micro-channels stay open for 18-24 hours and can be receptive to bacteria.
  4. Nope. A dermaroller is a tool with a rolling drum lined with tiny needles. At best, it might temporarily brighten your skin but it won’t provide any ongoing noticeable results. At-home dermarollers have been known to harbor harmful bacteria that can enter the skin through the tiny channels and cause infections. Ugh! The SkinPen is the first medical grade handheld microneedling device that is FDA-cleared for the improvement of acne scars, as well as fine lines and wrinkles on the neck. The SkinPen utilized in our microneedling treatment is an electrical device that allows for advanced and deeper skin penetration, and requires a topical numbing cream. Since the pen enters the skin vertically instead of at an angle like a dermaroller, microneedling in a medical spa like AESTHETICS 360° is the best option to achieve maximum benefits.
  5. Failure to protect against sunlight and exposure to UV rays might cause hyperpigmentation — that’s why it’s crucial to apply a UVA/UVB sunblock with a minimum of SPF 30 when outdoors, even if it’s cloudy. We can’t say this enough: Wear sunscreen!

So, how did you do? If you want to learn more about this coveted treatment and how it’s used for anti-aging, correction, repair and overall skin health maintenance, contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

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