How to Prep for Your First Consultation with AESTHETICS 360°

Skincare Consultations in Milwaukee

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Have you ever wondered what happens during a consultation at AESTHETICS 360° in Milwaukee? Our clinical aestheticians and aesthetic nurse specialists at AESTHETICS 360° are highly trained professionals in the art of aesthetics. AESTHETICS 360° services treat signs of aging, thin lips, wrinkles, acne, acne scars, sun damage, age spots, facial veins, redness, uneven tone and texture, unwanted body or facial hair, unwanted body fat, and unwanted fullness under the chin. Whether you’re looking to prevent, correct, or maintain, the experienced pros at AESTHETICS 360 provide safe, natural, and enduring results. 

Since each person’s aesthetic journey is incredibly personal and should be tailored to their individual needs, we invite all new clients to visit us for a complimentary consultation. Our treatment consultations are free of charge—with no pressure or judgment. If you haven’t already, schedule your free consultation with an AESTHETICS 360° clinical expert today. Here’s a look at what you can expect:


Our space is relaxing and comfortable, with gender-neutral décor, technology-forward enhancements, and a casual atmosphere. As advocates of skin health and body love, we understand the intimacy of aesthetic skincare and want everyone who enters our doors to feel like they belong. That means you can expect an honest, welcoming environment, free of judgment—and a team that loves what they do and has fun doing it every day! 


As with any consultation, preparation is key. The more prepared you are, the more beneficial your med spa consultation will be. 

Here are a few lifestyle topics we might cover during your first consultation::

  1. Products you’ve tried and are currently using
  2. Previous medical aesthetic treatments you have had
  3. Budget (we have financing options available too!) 
  4. Any upcoming special events that you’re hoping to have results for

Getting to know your full aesthetic history will allow our experts to make the most accurate recommendations. 

All new clients will be emailed instructions on how to access their patient account through a HIPAA-compliant app called TouchMD. Through this app, clients will be able to access first-time paperwork and, for future reference, be able to log on at any time to view their signed consent forms, post-care instructions, and before and after photos. 

In addition, three days prior to the appointment, we will send you an email asking you to confirm your appointment. This email will also have information on where we are located, where you can park for free validated parking, and our COVID precautions. One day before the appointment, we will send another reminder of your appointment date and time via text.  

Think of all your face, skin, and body goals —big and small. You can include preferences for which treatments you’d like to learn more about, what type of concerns you would like to address, and anything else that comes to mind. 

After all, AESTHETICS 360° is in the business of boosting self-confidence. By thoroughly detailing all of your questions, concerns, and goals, our Milwaukee med spa experts can provide the most thorough information. Your journey to the results you desire is one that we take together! 

What to Expect at the Consultation

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Our med spa consultations allow you and a licensed professional on our team to meet one-on-one for an open and honest conversation. Depending on the type of consultation, the length will vary from anywhere between 15 – 45 minutes.

During your med spa consultation, a professional from our team reviews:

  • Current aesthetic concerns and desired results
  • Treatment history
  • Medical history
  • Timeline
  • Lifestyle
  • Budget

This extremely important step ensures our treatments are a great match for you and your goals. We never recommend products or treatments that won’t be beneficial for you and the path to your desired results. We find that these very educational conversations create a strong foundation for mutual trust and excellent results.

If you’re visiting us for a consultation about skin treatments or concerns (think acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and more), we utilize our state-of-the-art VISIA™ Complexion Analysis, which creates a 3D image of your skin’s surface as well as the layer beneath it. This gives us a high-resolution model to view skin in a never-before-seen manner. We can show you age progression and learn your skin’s “True Age!” This digital imaging is the foundation as we move forward with medical aesthetic treatments and products, so we can document our results and show improvement.

Customized Treatment Plan

After your in-depth consultation with one of our AESTHETICS 360° clinical aestheticians or aesthetic nurse specialists, we will create a customized treatment plan—just for you. 

This information takes into account your current appearance, your desired appearance, your medical history, your timeline, your lifestyle choices, and your budget. We will use this information to set up goals and a timeline of treatment that works best for you. We then recommend a set of treatments based on the results of the consultation, further discussing with you any questions, concerns, or preferences. 

To better understand each lifestyle factor, we’ve decided to break down what we look for during a med spa consultation.

Medical history

Your full medical history is essential to creating a healthy treatment plan and includes any of the following:

  • Food, latex, medication allergies, and sensitivities
  • Skin reaction history
  • Any recent or approaching surgeries
  • Whether you’re currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • And so much more

Going over your medical history helps our clinical provider narrow down the safest and most effective treatments from the variety of services we offer. This keeps you protected and free of worry. 


Timelines involve any special events or schedules you have to attend. This might include weddings, graduations, vacations, or even a weekend marathon race! We wouldn’t want you to give a presentation at work an hour after a chemical peel or to walk down the aisle a day after a lip filler. Discussing your timeline helps us plan your customized treatment plan.


Think of lifestyle as anything you do within your timeline. Lifestyle can include anything from your 2 p.m. pilates class to your love of rock climbing to brunch with friends. We want to get down to the itty bitty details that shape your life. This helps us make sure your treatments are well-suited to your daily activities and don’t interfere with your love for volunteering at an animal shelter or hiking along Lake Michigan. This is also a great opportunity to discuss any previous med spa treatments you’ve had, the results, and how long it’s been since your last appointment.


AESTHETICS 360° med spa is a Milwaukee favorite for a reason. We don’t believe med spas are only for the wealthy and glamourous. We believe everyone can have access to skin that they’re proud of. This is why we offer two types of financing options specifically for med spa clients: CareCredit and GreenSky. We vouch for their excellence in making optimized skin health accessible for many of our clients. 

Starting Treatment

As your consultation comes to a close, we make sure that all your questions have been answered and a copy of your customized treatment plan is provided. How soon can treatment start? Your AESTHETIC 360° clinical aesthetician or aesthetic nurse specialist will walk you directly to our front desk and assist you in scheduling your first treatment—the first step in your new and incredibly rewarding aesthetic journey! 

Excited yet? Schedule your free consultation with an AESTHETICS 360° med spa professional today!