Giving Thanks for This Holiday Superfood Salad

Giving Thanks for This Holiday Superfood Salad

Thanksgiving and healthy eating don’t always go hand in hand. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to integrate nutritious superfoods into your holiday spread this season. Meg Ziegler, A360’s clinical aesthetician (and a bit of a healthy eating guru!) loves this salad, which combines six skin-boosting superfoods — and is beyond tasty. Add it as a side this holiday, or make it the main course by topping with some protein-rich turkey or quinoa, and a few crumbles of goat cheese. Either way, you’ll be in fall food heaven — minus the guilt!




Let’s start with our salad base: Spinach. This leafy green is high in Vitamin A, which is necessary for skin and hair growth. Spinach is also loaded with Vitamin C — imperative for the building and maintenance of collagen. No wonder it’s a superfood!

Sweet Potatoes

Next up, these beta-carotene-rich starches work to combat dull, lackluster complexions thanks to a skin-brightening combination of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These vitamins help neutralize those pesky free radicals that can cause a skin-dulling effect. Sweet potatoes are also full of biotin, which stimulates hair and nail growth. So, that’s a win-win-win!


Don’t forget the beets, which contain powerful antioxidants to help fight signs of aging by working to keep skin firm and youthful. The combination of minerals and vitamins (folate, Vitamin A, potassium and magnesium) found in beets stimulates cell production and repair, protecting skin from premature aging and wrinkles. Go ahead, just beet it!

Goji Berries

We all love a hint of sweetness, and goji berries are a fantastic choice. Packed with several vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, experts say the antioxidants in goji berries help reduce acne, promote collagen production and even out skin tone.


It’s crunch time: Our favorite nut is loaded with Vitamin E, a skin-beautifying antioxidant that helps to create smooth and supple skin. There’s also research to suggest Vitamin E might help fight signs of aging by protecting skin against the damage caused by UV rays. 


No need to make lemonade with these flavorful fruits. Lemon detoxifies the body by helping your digestive system and liver eliminate waste quickly, and a spritz is a flavorful (and quick and easy) salad topper. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy, right?

Want to learn more about eating for your skin this holiday season (and staving off those “festive” pounds)? Talk turkey with your A360 aesthetic specialist during your next visit.

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