Long-Lasting Results with Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle Relaxers in Milwaukee

Long-Lasting Results with Wrinkle Relaxers

Move over Botox!! At Aesthetics 360° medical spa, we offer the best, longest-lasting wrinkle relaxers in Milwaukee and the entire Milwaukee metro area. We’re committed to introducing and maintaining an ever-evolving set of proven and safe aesthetic treatments for adults of all ages.. As a result, we’re pleased to be one of the few aesthetic practices in Milwaukee to provide the newest, most-talked about FDA-approved wrinkle treatment in the cosmetic world: Daxxify.

Daxxify is an injectable neuromodulator that prevents and reduces fine lines and wrinkles between the brows, on the forehead and around the eyes. Look and feel like a more confident version of yourself. Not totally convinced? Soon, you’ll understand why the Aesthetics 360º team is so excited about Daxxify.

Why Choose Daxxify

Daxxify is an eagerly awaited answer to the cosmetic titan that is Botox. In September of 2022, Daxxify was approved by the FDA, and it’s already shown some amazing results. This was no short journey either. Daxxify’s parent company Revance Therapeutics submitted Daxxify for approval back in July of 2020, and since then, Revance has worked to adhere to all FDA guidelines. And now, Revance Therapeutics has shown that its product is safe and ready for commercial use. As a result, we are excited to offer Daxxify wrinkle relaxers in Milwaukee.

Our Approach

At Aesthetics 360º in Milwaukee, our philosophy of care and approach to aesthetics is founded in education, transparency, and providing the best experience! We partner with every client to ensure that a customized treatment plan is followed, goals are met, and safe and proven outcomes are provided.

Aesthetics 360º is proud of our team of experts and has solid 5-star reviews.  Our accomplished medical professionals have the advanced clinical knowledge, experience and artistry to provide natural results that are balanced and harmonious. We’re located in a beautiful area of Milwaukee—a “mini-downtown” neighborhood—and there, we want to show you that skin treatment doesn’t need to be industrial and intense. Yes, we offer top-notch facial and body aesthetic  treatments, but we also want you to be relaxed. Improving yourself should be calming and, yes, even fun!

But if the idea of Daxxify is overwhelming, then don’t worry—we completely understand. We are always honest and transparent with our clients about what will and won’t work for their unique needs.

And here’s some more good news: you don’t even have to leave your chair to get more information about our facial rejuvenation procedures. Use our online assessment tool to complete a virtual assessment. That way, you can know exactly what you’re looking for based on your individual concerns.

Why We Wrinkle

Wrinkles in the skin are a completely normal part of aging. They occur when people express using the muscles in their face. Over time, the creases that form will eventually become more and more prominent, resulting in wrinkles. When we’re smiling, crying, or frowning, wrinkles are sure to follow. Fortunately, Daxxify is ready to combat those wrinkle-inducing processes.

Using a neuromodulator such as Botox or Daxxify as a preventative measure before those lines start getting etched in, is recommended for adults as a way to stay ahead of the signs of aging.  So whether you’re looking to prevent lines from forming, or soften and reduce the lines you are already seeing between the brows, on the forehead or around the eyes, Botox or Daxxify is the best treatment in Milwaukee.

We Believe in Daxxify

We wouldn’t offer Daxxify (or any treatment for that matter) unless we believed in it whole-heartedly. And to prove it, our owner Charlotte Fairburn tried it herself.

Charlotte had been getting Botox treatments for 24 years (Wow!) prior to switching to Daxxify to see the difference.  Charlotte has seen the results, and wants to pass her revelation on to the A360 valued clients.

Long-Lasting Results

Changing the Skin Care Game

Daxxify has a major advantage over its many competitors. Daxxify is a long-lasting injectable that may require fewer treatments annually to maintain results. We absolutely love Botox too, and we use Botox in Milwaukee regularly to achieve goals. But it’s important to note that every body is different and there are multiple factors that affect the duration of neuromodulators such as Botox and Daxxify. The effects of Botox  last approximately three to four months. Daxxify is different. In clinical trials, the median duration for Daxxify results was six months, with a small percentage of individuals experiencing results up to nine months. How does it work?

Daxxify might seem like something of a magic wand, but it’s all backed in science. So how does this incredible treatment relax wrinkles? It’s simpler than you’d think. Daxxify is a peptide-enhanced neurotoxin. With a few injections, this neurotoxin attacks frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet.

Daxxify prevents, softens, and reduces the severity of these wrinkles, and as an added bonus, it even rejuvenates the proteins in your skin (collagen and elastin). So not only does Daxxify reduce wrinkles, but it also makes your skin even healthier than it was when you started. It’s skin care and a wrinkle treatment all in one.

Additionally, Daxxify is fast-acting. Many people notice results within 48 hours. That’s not long to wait for better skin. You might even see results the next day. When it comes to results, Daxxify is among the quickest.

How to Schedule a Daxxify Treatment

If you’ve decided that you’re interested in a Daxxify treatment, we can’t blame you. So if you’re ready to help combat your forehead wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin, here’s how.

Daxxify is a new treatment, and it may not be right for you. To find out, book a free consultation now. At this appointment, we’ll sit down with you, listen to your facial aesthetic concerns and goals, perform an anatomical assessment , and determine if Daxxify or Botox is the best choice for addressing your needs. At that point, if you’re ready to go, we can perform your wrinkle relaxing treatment that same day if you choose, or find a date that works best for you!

If you’re not a perfect fit for Daxxify, no worries! We have many alternative wrinkle treatments in Milwaukee. With this consultation, we’ll find one that works for you and your skin.

What to Expect with Daxxify Treatment

Now that we’ve given you the thumbs up on Daxxify, what can you expect? What does a Daxxify treatment actually look like?

Well, with words like “treatment,” “injection,” and “neurotoxin,” you might be a little overwhelmed, and that’s understandable. But don’t worry: this is a non-invasive—and quick—treatment. In fact, once you’ve finished the procedure, you can simply go about your day. You’ll be in and out of our MediSpa in about 30 minutes.

Your comfort is our absolute top priority, so when you show up to Aesthetics 360º and have even the smallest of concerns, please let us know. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about skin care, laser treatments, or aesthetics in general.

It’s Treatment Time!

Once our Aesthetic Nurse Specialist has performed a thorough consultation and treatment is decided upon, a consent form will be signed.  A series of photos will be taken so we have a baseline with which to compare results after two weeks. Once seated comfortably in the treatment chair, our Nurse will mark areas to be injected and use a veinfinder called Accuvein to visualize your vasculature. Think of it as a magic light to actually see through the surface of your skin to make sure we aren’t hitting any vessels. This greatly reduces the chance of bruising.

The Injections

With your photos taken, skin prepped and disinfected, and all markings complete, you will experience a tiny needle poke in anywhere from five to twenty spots as a small amount of product is injected into the muscle (depending on what areas are being treated). The actual injecting literally only takes about two minutes! .

After the Procedure

Once the treatment is complete, our Nurse will thoroughly review post-treatment care and make sure there aren’t any outstanding questions.  You can go about your day for the most part.  The post-treatment restrictions are no exercise for the rest of the day, and you can’t lie down for four hours (no massages, facials, yoga, etc.) Results will start to take place within 2-5 days with the full evolution of results in two weeks. A two-week procedure follow up appointment will be scheduled before you leave our office.  This is important so we can take “after” photos to show results.  In addition, our Nurse will assess the final outcome…looking for any asymmetry, or more movement than you care to have.  At that two-week follow up appointment we can adjust the dose.

At Aesthetics 360º, our commitment to your satisfaction and client experience doesn’t end when you walk out the door. For all our wrinkle relaxing treatments in Milwaukee, including Daxxify, we will do whatever it takes to ensure that you’re satisfied. If you have any outstanding questions or concerns you can always feel free to give us a phone call, text or email. We’ll answer your questions, and we’ll work with you to ensure that you’re feeling young, confident, and positive.

Begin Your Anti-Aging Journey at Aesthetics 360°!

When it comes to wrinkle relaxers in Milwaukee, Daxxify is perhaps the most exciting. It’s new, it’s effective, it’s rejuvenating, and it’s long lasting. While other wrinkle relaxers are effective, Daxxify stands out, thanks to its efficiency and the ease of its procedure. We love it so much, our owner even uses it.

If this blog got you excited about the potential of a Daxxify procedure, then you can take the first steps to schedule a procedure right now. With Aesthetics 360º and Daxxify, a wrinkle-free look is only a few clicks away.

Head to the Aesthetics 360º website and get started.