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Improve Winter Skin Damage with Treatments in Milwaukee

Who doesn’t love the holidays? It might be cold outside, but you can cozy up inside beside the fire and spend time with your friends and family. 

But now that the holidays have come to a close, many of us begin to think about our goals for the new year. We take a long look in the mirror and make note of the things we want to improve. Improving the look and feel of your skin may be at the top of the list.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. The team at Aesthetics 360° is ready to help you develop a personalized plan for treatments in Milwaukee that can repair the look and feel of damaged skin. We have the techniques and methods available to improve almost any skin condition   and give you smooth, glowing skin you’re happy about.

Aesthetics 360°

We’re Aesthetics 360°, a premium medspa in Milwaukee. We’re based out of the Historic Third Ward, and there, we’ve made a commitment to helping individuals of all ages look and feel their absolute best. We’ve made it a priority to stay up-to-date on the latest technology with aesthetic treatments on the market.

And we know that you’re busy; not everyone can take time out of their schedules to book an aesthetic treatment. So we’re committed to making the process fast and convenient. 

The Consultation Process

One of the most important parts of the Aesthetics 360º process is the free consultation. We begin with the consultation so we can get to know you as we partner with you on your aesthetic journey.

When you meet with us to discuss  treatments in Milwaukee to improve skin damage, you will have a dedicated 45-minute consultation with an A360 Licensed Clinical Aesthetician. 

We want to learn about your skin history, goals, timelines, budget, and expectations. State of the art digital imaging photos will be taken with the VISIA imaging system which will allow us to see not only the surface, but sub-surface of your skin. 

Your skin will be benchmarked in 8 different categories of skin conditions, and you will even learn your skin’s “True Age.” 

These photos will allow us to show progress and prove our results once we start your skin improvement journey. You will leave with a customized treatment plan to include prevention, repair, and maintenance treatments to keep your skin healthy and glowing! 

How Does Winter Contribute to Skin Damage?

As you consider  treatments in Milwaukee to improve skin damage, and you take stock of your own winter skin , you may be wondering: What causes all of this in the first place?

For many, it’s common knowledge that skin can become  dry and depleted of hydration during the winter, but not everyone knows precisely why that might be. There’s no singular answer.

In fact, many of our most common winter weather habits may contribute to  skin damage. So let’s go over some of the most common culprits for skin damage in the winter months.

It’s Cold Outside

As the days grow shorter, the days and nights grow colder. And depending on your commute or your line of work, you may be spending  time out in the elements. This can result in prominent skin damage. Outdoor winter activities and sports are one big contributor to excessively dry and damaged winter skin.

How does a change in temperature result in cracked skin? Well, when it gets colder, your skin may hold less moisture, resulting in dry skin. As we shield ourselves from the cold, many of us forget to moisturize our skin.

You Need to Change Your Skincare Routine

Another common contributing factor to dry skin in the winter is a lack of variety in your skincare routine. Many people mistakenly think that they can use the same skincare products all year round, but this isn’t true.

You may need a stronger moisturizer in the winter to combat wind and cold weather. But if you use the same moisturizer that you do in the more humid months of the year, you could find that it’s incredibly ineffective by comparison.

Winter typically calls for a more robust, heavier nighttime cream as well as a hydrating hyaluronic acid based serum for layering over your “normal” moisturizer.  

Everyone’s skin is different, so when you meet with us, we will recommend medical grade products to use at home in addition to customized skin treatments in Milwaukee that will help you keep your skin smooth, refreshed, and hydrated.

Excessive Heat Exposure

Excessive heat may also contribute to your winter weather skin damage. Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Excessive heat? But it’s winter time!” And yes, most of us worry about freezing as opposed to overheating around this time of year, but that may be precisely the problem.

Think about it…we are working in our homes or offices with the heat on the entire time.  At night we sleep with the heat as well. This is unavoidable of course, we have to heat our homes and places of work! 

Try a humidifier to add some moisture back into the dry winter air.  Drinking a lot of water on a daily basis, all year round, is always recommended as we need to hydrate our skin from the inside out as well as applying hydrating products to our skin. 

Too Much Sun

Another mistake people make while taking care of their skin in the wintertime is forgetting to account for the sun.

Even though it’s often cold and cloudy in the winter, the damaging effects of UV-exposure are always present during the daytime hours. And this means that your skin can still suffer sun damage. So if you’re planning on an outdoor winter activity like ice skating or sledding, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Your skin will certainly thank you.

Treatment Options

Now that we know how winter weather serves to damage your skin, we can get started on repairing it. Depending on the patient (and said patient’s skin), not all treatments will be best for each individual, that’s why we create an individualized customized treatment plan.

Let’s take a look at some of our  skin treatments for improving winter skin damage in Milwaukee, what they do, and how they work to rejuvenate your skin.

Moxi Laser by Sciton

One of our most popular  options for skin damage treatments in Milwaukee is the Moxi laser. The Moxi laser can resurface damaged skin all across the body. It works by inducing collagen, which is a natural protein found in the body that promotes the growth of new, healthy skin.

One of the major benefits of the Moxi laser is that it can be used all year round, for any skin type and can be used for both face and  body areas. The Moxi process is also quick, with  treatment time that can take as little as 15-30 minutes to complete.

Broadband Light (BBL HERO) Therapy by Sciton

Another choice for skin damage treatments in Milwaukee is broadband light (BBL) therapy. 

The BBL treatment uses broadband light to stimulate collagen production. With a variety of different light wavelengths, we can treat sun damage and hyperpigmentation, chronic redness and rosacea, broken capillaries, uneven, dull skin tone.

Many clients see significant improvement after just one treatment, and continue with a series of three sessions, spaced four weeks apart for maximum results. . And according to a long-term Stanford study, with annual treatments, BBL could be one of the longest-lasting skincare regimens available on the market.


Microneedling is another great choice for skin damage treatments in Milwaukee.

Microneedling uses an FDA-cleared, handheld device with a sterile cartridge to create hundreds of tiny “micro-channels” in the skin. This dermal “injury” puts collagen generation into overdrive and produces new collagen to firm skin and improve the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, pigment, tone and texture.

But although the term “micro channels” might elicit some less-than-positive thoughts, you don’t have to worry about excessive pain as a result of the process. A safe, topical numbing cream is applied to the skin for 20-30 minutes prior to treatment so you will experience little to no discomfort.  The entire appointment time is 60-minutes.

The results following the treatment won’t fade quickly, either. In fact, improvements in your skin’s quality continues for 3-6 months after your last treatment

The SaltFacial

The last option for skin damage treatments in Milwaukee is our SaltFacial. The SaltFacial takes 60-minutes, but you may only need one session to see substantial results.

Highly refined and powdered organic sea salt is used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to exfoliate and prepare the skin for infusion of mandelic or glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid serum.

The SaltFacial is the most popular skin renewal treatment at Aesthetics 360 in Milwaukee. It can help rejuvenate skin by improving acne, redness, fine lines, melasma, pigment, enlarged pores, tone and texture. The LED light therapy, which is the third step of The SaltFacial Therapy treatment, induces collagen stimulation, and aids in reduction of inflammation and encourages cellular turnover.

The SaltFacial can also be combined with Microneedling for a skin treatment that we call “Extreme Microneedling.” The steps to perform the SaltFacial and the Microneedling are integrated to induce more efficient results and initiate positive changes in the skin.

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