Why The SaltFacial is a Fall & Winter Must-Have Treatment

Why The SaltFacial is a Fall & Winter Must-Have Treatment

What can we say: We love The SaltFacial! And for good reason. This must-try aesthetic treatment works to soften fine lines; reduce the appearance of age spots, sun damage, enlarged pores and stretch marks; and improve skin texture, tone and acne on the face, neck, chest and body.

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The SaltFacial features three different technologies on one platform: highly refined, all-natural sea salt exfoliation, hand-held medical aesthetic ultrasound and high-intensity LED phototherapy. Let’s take a look at the process:

Restore: The first step of The SaltFacial works to restore your skin using pure, organic sea salt. Positive-pressure flow technology gently delivers salt to the skin for uniform resurfacing. Sea salt is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and your skin is now prepared perfectly to move to step 2, Replenish.

Replenish: The second step of The SaltFacial uses a small hand-held medical aesthetic ultrasound device to drive customized essential ingredients, such as mandelic or glycolic acid, deep into the dermal layer of the skin where it can nourish and enhance cellular turnover. Ingredients replenish vital nutrients and supply antioxidants, which is something we can all get excited about!

Rejuvenate: The last step of The SaltFacial uses high-powered LED phototherapy to rejuvenate and get an instant glow. With 4 different light wavelength settings to choose from we can improve circulation, stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation and redness, or kill surface bacteria on acne-prone skin.

Looking for a facial to try this fall or winter? The SaltFacial is an all-season favorite of the A360 staff and our clients. Here are five reasons why we love it!
  1. The SaltFacial is our single most popular skin treatment for any skin type, any skin tone, any time of year! The SaltFacial offers clinically elevated results, instant glow and no downtime.  Perfect for everyone no matter where you are in your skin care journey … prevention, rejuvenation or maintenance!
  2. The SaltFacial technology can be used in combination with other aesthetic procedures to improve outcomes. It works as a clinically effective complement to those having microneedling and BBL treatments and for ongoing maintenance of results. Ask Aaron or Suzy during your consultation about this winning combination!
  3. The SaltFacial cleanses, purifies and disinfects your skin by clearing the skin, lifting dead skin cells and breathing life back into your skin. And who’s skin couldn’t use that?
  4. Using Aesthetic Ultrasound, The SaltFacial can increase the absorption of topical products and replenish thirsty skin at the deepest levels with vital nutrients. Of course, chat with your clinical aesthetician about how The SaltFacial can help further your aesthetic goals in conjunction with medical-grade skincare.
  5. As we get older, our skin can become dull — ugh! The SaltFacial is a great way for anyone to help find that youthful glow without downtime.


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Patients can often see visible results from The SaltFacial after just one treatment, with enhanced results after multiple treatments depending on your aesthetic goals. Plus, it’s great for all skin types. (And that means you!)

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Want to learn more about what The SaltFacial can do for your skin this season and beyond? Book your complimentary consultation with one of our clinical aestheticians today.

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