3 Effective Treatments for Nonsurgical Body Sculpting in Milwaukee




3 Effective Treatments for Nonsurgical Body Sculpting in Milwaukee

No matter your lifestyle, some stubborn pockets of fat simply refuse to go away on their own. While poor diet and exercise play a role in weight gain, so do genetics and age. However, thanks to the range of safe and effective treatment options at AESTHETICS 360°, you can finally smooth out your problem areas! 


We can help you decide which treatment best suits your aesthetic goals and budget, so you can feel more confident than ever in time for summer. Whether you’re wanting to tone your lower stomach, ready to get rid of your cellulite, or are weary of your double chin, we have the right treatment for you! 

We encourage you to schedule a free consultation at our office to review the best options for you with one of our clinical aestheticians or aesthetic nurse specialists, but here are three options for nonsurgical body sculpting in Milwaukee to consider:


CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment for nonsurgical body sculpting in Milwaukee, developed and tested by Harvard scientists. This non-invasive approach is the #1 FDA-cleared treatment for reducing unwanted fat in 11 areas of the body and is found to eliminate up to 20-25% of treated fat cells with no downtime. 


According to Harvard, more than 8 million CoolSculpting treatments were performed worldwide by 2020. This is largely because many patients seek to sculpt their physique without going through the risks and pain of liposuction or other invasive surgeries. 

How it works

Studies have shown that CoolSculpting is a powerful tool for reducing unwanted fat through cryolipolysis — the process of permanently freezing and killing fat cells. How cool! 


Our certified specialists use a handheld applicator to target your specific area of concern without inflicting trauma to your skin. The device features automatic safety shut-offs to ensure your comfort, so you’ll never have to worry about your skin getting too cold. We’ll also provide a comfy heated treatment bed, blanket and beverages. You can bring a book to read, eat a snack, watch your favorite TV show, or even take a cat nap during the treatment.


Achieving your goal with CoolSculpting may take as little as one treatment, but we address every patient through a personalized approach. Plus, the procedure can be as quick as 35 minutes (depending on the treated area) and you can comfortably get back to your day without assistance. It’s no wonder this treatment is so popular!


If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this video from the CoolSculpting brand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auNqXzj44D4.

Treatable areas

  • Double chin
  • Inner & outer thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks/love handles
  • Muffin top
  • Bra back fat
  • Banana roll (a small pocket of fat beneath the buttocks which when removed, allows for more definition without the daily squats)
  • Under arm “puff”
  • Upper arms
  • Above the knees

Are you a good candidate?

The ideal CoolSculpting candidate is someone who is generally healthy but wants to quickly address certain areas of fat. However, this treatment is not for weight loss. It is for fat loss, not weight loss or skin tightening. 

Patient testimonials

“Being able to improve and shape my body in a way to where I’m excited to plan a trip and put on a swimsuit with my husband, those are the things that make me excited about CoolSculpting… it’s so nice now just to be able to jump in a picture and be happy and enjoy that moment” – Andrea


“I’m a pretty healthy eater, I do cardio, and I lift weights, but the love handles wouldn’t change. And I didn’t want to get surgery… I can wear suits that I haven’t worn in like 10 years… It makes you feel more comfortable” – David


Watch CoolSculpting patient testimonial videos


Cellulite affects 90% of women. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not simply a result of being overweight, but rather the interaction between healthy fat cells and tissues. 


No matter how fit you are, cellulite is a persistent component of a woman’s biology. That doesn’t stop many women from feeling insecure due to cellulite, which is especially common in the legs/buttocks area. You may have tried to address cellulite yourself with expensive scrubs and special brushes, but these methods only yield temporary results, if any. 


Meet QWO: your soon-to-be favorite treatment to prepare you to confidently show off your smooth skin this summer! QWO is a nonsurgical body sculpting treatment in Milwaukee that consists of cellulite-battling injections. As the first and only FDA-approved injectable for cellulite, this cutting-edge treatment is perfect for smoothing the buttocks area for women of all ages. 

How it works

QWO consists of collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes injections, which take as little as 10 minutes! We inject targeted collagenase enzymes into dimples to release fibrous bands, redistribute fat cells, and kickstart your body’s collagen production. 


Up to 12 dimples per cheek will be assessed and circled while you’re standing, then you’ll lie on your stomach during the injections. You’ll only need to remain on your stomach for five minutes following the injections. One complete treatment includes 3 sessions of injections, each 21 days apart, but you may begin to see results before all 3 of the treatment sessions are complete!

Treatable areas

  • Buttocks (FDA-approved)
  • Thighs (off-label)

Are you a good candidate?

QWO addresses cellulite on the buttocks of women, which often also comes with skin laxity. While we can go forward with the treatment on an individual with skin laxity, the injections will only target the dimples. 


Unfortunately, genetics and age play a large role in developing persistent chin fat. Even with a consistent healthy lifestyle, a double chin can remain and knock your confidence. Enter Kybella: an injectable that permanently reduces  chin fat! 


Many of our Kybella patients are concerned about their neck fat showing from their side profile. Kybella injections target this pocket of fat and subsequently provide a more enhanced and smooth profile from all angles. 

How it works

Kybella injections utilize synthetic deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that breaks down fat in our bodies. The injections take about 30 minutes to complete and you will experience mild to moderate swelling for a week or more, plus potential bruising.  The area may feel tender, sore, and with a tingling sensation…all of which go away. . Patients require a minimum of two treatments, but it may require 4-6 treatments depending on your desired look. Once this solution absorbs fat, it’s gone for good, so there’s typically no need for a re-treatment after you finish your rounds! For best results, Kybella treatments are spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart and results can be seen in 4 to 6 weeks or more.

Are you a good candidate?

We recommend that you are at a stable weight before beginning Kybella treatments to avoid re-treatment. As long as you’re of age and not allergic to the ingredients, Kybella is an effective treatment for most patients seeking nonsurgical body sculpting in Milwaukee, specifically for the double chin. However, after a complimentary consultation, many A360º patients choose less-invasive CoolSculpting for chin fat reduction and contouring instead of Kybella.

Combining treatments to maximize results

If you’re torn between these 3 incredible treatments, you don’t have to choose! You can use CoolSculpting to tone your abs, QWO to smooth your buttocks, and Kybella or CoolSculpting to eliminate chin fat to achieve a refreshed beach body!


We know that men want to feel confident too. Walking into a medical spa may feel intimidating, but our team is always happy to aid customers of all genders and ages. At A360º, CoolSculpting is one of the most popular treatments for men


Our membership programs offer flexible tiers so you have access to ongoing perks and discounted services throughout your aesthetic journey. Contact us to discuss if joining the A-List is right for you.

How to find a trusted med spa

The aesthetics industry is constantly growing and changing, so knowing where to begin can feel overwhelming. When looking for a reputable medspa that offers nonsurgical body sculpting in Milwaukee, remember to scan their website, social media, and patient reviews. 


They don’t need to have a million followers to be considered trustworthy, but they do need to offer educational information and interact with their patients. The ideal medispa will offer a consultation free-of-charge, where you can work together to develop a plan to reach your goals. Remember, you should always feel like your chosen aesthetic expert prioritizes you and your needs.

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Not sure which treatment is right for you? Our experienced team is always ready and excited to help. Don’t forget to try our virtual assessment tool to get instant, private treatment recommendations based on your concerns. Also, swing by our results gallery to browse real before/and after pictures for the treatment you’re considering. We always recommend that you book a free consultation so we can get to know you, your aesthetic goals,  your budget, and tailor the perfect plan for your needs. Experience the 360-degree difference. The AESTHETICS 360º staff can’t wait to give you a new way to feel!