How to Find a Trusted Medical Spa in Milwaukee

How to Find a Trusted Medical Spa in Milwaukee

Medical Spa in Milwaukee

The world of aesthetics can be intimidating. Many people who haven’t dipped their toes into the medical spa experience might not know where to start. 

Let’s get one thing straight: You’re already fabulous, we’re just here to help you be your BEST you!

So, how do you find a reputable medical spa? It takes some research, a thorough consultation and a place that feels right for you and your aesthetic needs. Whether you’ve recently moved, or just need some tips on what to look for, here’s our guide to finding a trusted medical spa in Milwaukee:

Scan their website

Any modern business knows that a website is your first impression. First, check that your potential choice has one. Take a few minutes to explore and take note of details that make a good online experience. For example, offering instant consultation tools and having a detailed “about us” page makes you feel like they’re already trying to help you! 

The site should be easy to navigate, with details about the treatments they offer, before & after photos, user-friendly consultation tools and more. 

Scroll through their social media

Social media is also key to understanding if a certain medical spa is right for you. See if they’re posting consistently, then ask yourself: Do they offer compelling content? Is it a good mix of education, staff and client highlights, and clear information about the treatments they offer? 

Look for posts telling and showing you about specific treatments, highlighting before and after pictures, and providing details about upcoming events and specials. For example, a video of a treatment with information about what to expect during your treatment. A medical spa’s social media should give you an inside look at their team and services, rather than simply a recap of their website. They don’t need to be influencer-level famous, but using social media to interact with and find patients is a great sign of a reputable modern business.


Visit their before & after or “results” gallery

Looking at a medical spa’s gallery will give you some insight into their overall aesthetic but make sure to look at the before and after photos of specific treatments you’re looking to get. Keep in mind that every patient has a specific goal – so results will be unique to each patient. If there are only a few pictures available, you may want to reach out to ask if you can see more during your visit. 


Look at patients’ reviews

Word of mouth is a powerful way to hear about a medspa, so online reviews essentially give us more of that same insight. There should be a good amount of reviews for your medical spa, including some recent ones on Google. Try to look for patients discussing their experiences both with a treatment and with their provider. Remember to take positive AND negative reviews into consideration.

At AESTHETICS 360°, we have nearly 100 percent 5-star reviews on Google

Set up a consultation

A free consultation never hurt anybody! In fact, a consultation is the #1 most important step you can take on your aesthetics journey. If you’re unsure of which treatment might best fit your needs, a reputable medical spa will be ready and willing to help. Plus, actually exploring the office and talking to the staff will help you decide if you trust and like the medical spa and providers.

Keep in mind that when discussing your goals and options during a consultation, the provider should  be knowledgeable — but they should also make sure you have a full understanding of your options, and feel comfortable from start to finish. You should never feel like they are unable or unwilling to answer your questions. Remember that aestheticians and aesthetic nurse specialists are there to help you safely achieve your goals. They should thoroughly explain what to expect before and after the treatment, as well as what the treatment process consists of. 

What to expect at your consultation

When reviewing potential medical spas, look for a medispa that offers consultations free of charge. Take note of how easy or difficult it is to set up the appointment. When you come in for the appointment, take in the atmosphere and how the staff greets and interacts with you.

You should always feel like their priority. The provider should be happy to discuss your medical/aesthetics history, goals, budget and — most importantly — help you create a personalized plan. This plan should account for all of this as well as your lifestyle, so you can get on a path to looking and feeling your best right away.

What treatments to look for

When you begin your search, you might be looking for the best provider for a specific treatment. However, choosing a full-service medispa that’s dedicated to anti-aging, prevention, repair and maintenance is vital to finding a trusted partner for your long-term aesthetics journey. A full-service medical spa, like Aesthetics 360°, might offer treatments such as:

As the top non-surgical aesthetic treatment in the world, Botox is a safe, 

downtime-free injectable that prevents and softens wrinkles.

Want to get rid of your double chin without the hassle of surgery? Kybella injections 

target neck fat by permanently destroying fat cells!

Dermal filler injections allow you to seamlessly add volume and smooth lines, leaving 

you lifted, youthful and balanced. 

Microneedling boosts collagen and elastin, treating concerns from acne scars to fine 

lines and much more. 

BBL HERO, which stands for High Energy Rapid Output, is a state-of-the-art laser that 

delivers lasting improvement for a variety of common skin concerns anywhere on the 


By gently heating the upper layers of your skin, a BBL Photofacial stimulates and 

regenerates cells for a more smooth, vibrant complexion. 

Forever Young BBL is a revolutionary treatment that turns back the clock on aging 

skin. It’s the only device clinically proven to show a change in the gene expression 

associated with aging, keeping your skin fresh.

Address acne-causing bacteria at the source with Forever Clear BBL’s three-step 

system that deeply cleans your pores and stimulates your skin’s natural healing process. 

Address stubborn pockets of fat and sculpt your body and chin area by permanently 

freezing fat cells away with CoolSculpting!

Laser hair removal targets hair follicles at the root to prevent hair growth so you can 

stop worrying about constant shaving. 

As the first FDA-approved injectable treatment that treats the cause of cellulite, QWO

smooths your skin to perfection. 

Look for membership packages

If you plan on getting a variety of treatments or opt for a treatment that might require more than one treatment (such as CoolSculpting), ask your provider about their membership program, like our A-List. Not only can these help you save money on your actual treatment, but they can also give you exclusive access to special events and other fun perks! These memberships should be flexible with your goals and budget as they may change throughout your aesthetics journey. 

If your friend referred you to an office or vice versa, remember to ask about their referral program to get a little extra money in your medispa wallet.

Research their skincare products

Many medical spas offer medical-grade skincare products to maximize your treatment results and overall skin appearance from home. They may carry their own signature line or feature an assortment of well-curated, proven brands. If you’re looking for medical-grade skincare to really take your routine to the next level, ask a provider at a medical spa in Milwaukee! And the first step is a complimentary consultation.

Come to AESTHETICS 360º to experience a trusted medical spa in Milwaukee!

Not to toot our own horn, but the AESTHETICS 360º aestheticians and aesthetic nurse specialists have gone through — and focus on ongoing — advanced professional training. And we have nearly 100 percent five-star Google reviews!

We understand that every patient’s concerns and budget is unique, so we don’t try to lump you into a one-size-fits all solution. Try our virtual consultation tool to get started on choosing treatments and schedule a free consultation with our experts to create your personalized plan! Don’t forget to check out our results gallery on our and Google reviews as well. We can’t wait to meet you!

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