It’s Laser Season at Aesthetics 360°!

Laser season

It’s Laser Season at Aesthetics 360°!

Laser season is Fall and Winter…as we leave summer behind it is a safer time of year to reduce unwanted sun spots and pigmentation with laser treatments. No matter the time of year, cloudy or sunny, our skin is exposed to damaging UV-rays of the sun.

Even with daily sunscreen application, too much time in the sun can lead to pigmented spots, fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin tone, and rough texture, all of which can lead to a prematurely aged appearance.

Our team of aesthetic experts at Aesthetics 360° will utilize their years of extensive experience to create the perfect plan to undo damage caused by cumulative sun damage. Healthier, more youthful looking skin is the result!

A woman in the sun protects herself from UV rays before her laser season treatment

Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different and will respond differently to treatment. Our team will take the time to understand your  specific skin concerns, goals, timelines, and budget to make the most effective recommendation to achieve desired results.

We want to make it easy for men and women in the Milwaukee area to treat their skin. There are a variety of effective treatments such as laser, peels, microneedling and clinical facials that offer results in a matter of weeks.

Laser Season

Fall and winter, otherwise known as Laser Season, is the most popular time of year to schedule a laser treatment. As the summer winds down, many people find that their skin isn’t looking like it used to. All that time outside on the lake and in the sunshine can leave your skin in need of some care.

Having laser treatment in Milwaukee means being extremely diligent about staying out of the sun before and after treatment. In addition, your skin can’t be tanned or sunburnt in order to have treatment.

Fall and winter are the best time to have laser treatment because now you won’t have to worry about missing out on seasonal activities while your skin heals. And while most of our recovery periods are brief, immediate contact with the summer sun could impact your skin’s health.

Let’s tell you a little more about who we are and what we do, and then we’ll discuss our treatments.

The Aesthetics 360° Method

We’re Aesthetics 360°, and we’re a premium med spa in Milwaukee. Our team is professionally trained in aesthetic treatments, with years of experience partnering with our clients to meet goals.

Aesthetics 360—the place for the best laser season deals.

Our patients can trust that we have the knowledge and education required to deliver them the best aesthetic care possible. We hire the best of the best, because safety and outcomes are priority.

A Founder That Cares

Our founder, Charlotte Fairburn, is a proverbial veteran in the aesthetics community. Over the course of 20 years, Charlotte helped optimize aesthetic practices. But after a while, she decided that Miluakwee needed a premium aesthetic spa of its own. So she utilized her experience to found Aesthetics 360°: the culmination of 2 decades of knowledge and training. 

From there, she assembled her team of nurses and aestheticians and set to work designing an expansive index of aesthetic treatments. Charlotte understands which treatments work most effectively and only offers FDA-approved and FDA-cleared treatments with proven safety and efficacy. 

A Place for Aesthetics

Our philosophy of care is to provide education, transparency, and a true partnership with our clients to deliver only natural looking results. 

We maintain an honest and open dialogue with our patients. We will never recommend a treatment that you are not a suitable candidate for, just to make a buck.

The Science Behind Discoloration

There are 2 major kinds of discoloration that you may be looking to treat this laser season: reds and browns. Though both can be treated by Moxi and BBL (broadband light), in Milwaukee, they are caused by different things.

A woman considers laser season for her discoloration

Red Discoloration

Chronic redness is vascular-based. Your veins may become clogged or even flow backward. When this happens, blood will pool in the vein and become visible through the surface of the skin.

Brown Discoloration

Areas of hyperpigmentation that are various shades of brown  are likely caused by time. Over the years, your skin becomes damaged at increasingly deep levels. Laser treatment will bring the “browns”  to the surface as it fades or can crust over and flake off to reveal brighter, smoother skin.

VISIA Digital Imaging

We can identify which treatments would be most effective for your individual skin with the help of VISIA skin analysis in Milwaukee. Aesthetics 360 is the only full-service med spa in Milwaukee to utilize this progressive technology. VISIA is a state-of-the-art digital imaging consultation tool  that allows us to analyze your skin at the deepest levels.

We can even “see” beneath your skin. These photos are most comparable to ones taken by a UV camera. We can assess your skin based on eight different categories such as fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, bacteria count, reds, browns, texture, surface spots and more.

VISIA is a totally safe process that allows us to see skin conditions invisible to the naked eye. VISIA is a convenient way for us to ensure that your treatment plan is custom-fit for your skin.

And with VISIA, we can even calculate your skin’s “true” age.

How old is your skin?

This may seem like a question with an obvious answer: your skin is as old as you are. But that isn’t necessarily true. Since the sun’s UV rays age your skin, you may find that your skin has the physical traits of a person many years your senior!

Interestingly enough, some parts of your skin may be older than other parts. Many Americans have a higher “true skin age” on their left side. The explanation for this is simple: Americans’ steering wheels are on the left side! So as we drive, the left side is exposed to more direct sunlight, aging it at an expedited rate.

Laser Treatments for Everyone

In addition to clinical facials, microneedling, peels, and injectables, Aesthetics 360 offers 2 different laser treatments in Milwaukee. BBL HERO (BBL stands for broadband light) and MOXI laser. They can be used together or separately to reduce redness and hyperpigmentation. They can also improve collagen generation, tone and texture, and even acne.  

BBL HERO Treatment

The first treatment we offer is Sciton’s BBL HERO laser light therapy. BBL stands for broadband light, and it’s an incredibly effective procedure to achieve younger-looking skin. BBL works by using heat to stimulate the skin and increase collagen production. Collagen is a natural protein found in the body that results in healthier, stronger skin.

Our BBL PhotoFacial works using a specific light wavelength. that is beneficial to the skin.

The BBL HERO treatment is administered with a handheld wand over the course of about 30 to 60 minutes. There is minimal discomfort with a sensation of heat across the treatment area.  

BBL HERO can be successfully used on the entire face as well as neck, decollete, and all areas of the body. Results are seen in two to four weeks and most individuals will require a series of treatments spaced four to six weeks apart.

MOXI Laser Treatment

MOXI is a similar but distinct technology for reducing—or even completely erasing—imperfections on the surface of the skin. MOXI works by creating microscopic channels underneath the surface of the skin. These channels cause the body to produce collagen.

Just like the BBL treatment, the MOXI treatment is quick and noninvasive. It might cause very minimal irritation, but it shouldn’t cause any significant pain or discomfort. The MOXI treatment takes around 45 minutes to an hour, not counting the initial free consultation.


MOXI’s results are quick too. In fact, depending on the level of treatment you receive, you may notice results immediately following treatment! But it doesn’t stop there. One of the biggest advantages of the MOXI treatment is its continuous results.

Your skin will continue to get clearer and results may continue to improve for up to 3 months after the procedure! Skin will not only appear brighter, more clear and even, but it will feel amazing!

Why Not Both?

BBL HERO and MOXI treatments are effective on their own, but  increased results can be seen when you use both. We strongly believe in the value of combining treatment; so much so that we offer a sizable discount when you use BBL and MOXI together. 

When you schedule a Combo BBL and MOXI, we offer a 50% discount off the price.  MOXI is also a relatively quick procedure, so it doesn’t add much time to the appointment when you combine it with BBL. We’ve seen how both BBL and MOXI can help you achieve more substantial skin-clearing results.

Options for Better Skin in Milwaukee

We pride ourselves in providing a custom experience. 

This laser season, you can decide between BBL, MOXI, or a combination of both. If you’re unsure about MOXI or BBL, that’s alright—we’ve got plenty of additional options to repair sun-damaged skin. 

Reach out to us today and get started with a free 45-minute consultation with an Aesthetic Expert in Milwaukee. Come and Experience the 360-degree difference! 

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