TikTok, Please Stop: 5 Things to NOT Try

TikTok, Please Stop: 5 Things to NOT Try

We all know TikTok is fun — especially when you need a few minutes for a laugh. But the latest round of TikTok DIY “hacks” is cause for concern. From teeth whitening with bleach pens to using DIY chemical peels to remove moles, it’s a free-for-all of dangerous dares and unsolicited “advice.” That’s why we wanted to take a moment to recognize five of the most dangerous aesthetics-related TikTok trends.

In other words, do NOT try these at home:

Sunscreen Contouring

Our own clinical aesthetician Suzy mentioned this unforgivable sun sin — also sadly made popular by Gwenyth Paltrow on “Goop” — during a recent episode of “Spill the Tea.” Yes, people are really trying to get a “natural contour” by only applying sunscreen to certain areas of their face, like the cheekbones.

Not only will this ridiculous application put you at higher risk of skin cancer — it also leaves your skin vulnerable to a host of skin conditions, like premature aging, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and so much more. We’re not makeup artists but it stands to reason that if you want a DIY celebrity-worthy contour, using a bronzer and highlighter duo is your best bet.

Looking for something that will last longer than makeup? Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our aesthetic nurse specialists to see if dermal filler in areas like your cheeks or jawline might give you the enhancement you’re seeking.

Interested in some real sunscreen application advice? Click here for tips from the A360 pros.

Vaseline as Moisturizer

No, slathering your face with petroleum jelly before bed will not hydrate your skin. This viral skincare fad is much more likely to do harm than good, as Vaseline will clog pores and lock dirt and oil into your skin while you sleep. Talk about a nightmare!

A swab on your lips? Sure, if you’re a fan. (We prefer Restorsea LipMagic.) A slather on your face? Just no.

To learn more about our favorite moisturizers for a healthy hydrating experience, check out this blog.


Using Medical Cream as a Lip Plumper

In the category of things we could NOT make up, one TikToker used erectile dysfunction cream to stimulate her lips into looking more plump. (Yes, this actually happened.) This horrible hack can cause allergic reactions, blisters, swelling, blood pressure problems and much more.

Looking for a fuller pout? We suggest opting for lip filler, injected by a reputable aesthetic nurse specialist like our own Natasa. Check out her gorgeous lips in our Gallery or follow her on Instagram at @aesthetic_nursenata.

(See more lip filler myths here …)

Do-It-Yourself Microneedling

We’ve talked a lot about this one … and we won’t stop until the DIY microneedling madness ends!


Microneedling is one of our absolute favorite skin treatments for a variety of reasons — but not if you’re doing it yourself. By its very nature, microneedling involves using a device (like our FDA-clearedSkinPen) that creates “micro” punctures in the skin in order to increase collagen production. And this should always be performed by a professional.


Hacking at your face with a DIY tool, like a derma roller, can open the skin up to infection — as well as hyperpigmentation and scarring. The bottom line? Step away from the derma roller and schedule an in-office microneedling treatment instead. 


Medical-Grade Facials — At Home

We’re OK with you giving yourself a little at-home pampering now and then with a mask recommended by our A360 aestheticians, like Skinbetter Science Detoxifying Scrub Mask. But when electric currents and chemicals get involved? That’s a huge red flag.

A description of one ofthese TikTok-hyped devices reads: “This high frequency facial wand uses an argon gas electrode to emit a small electrical current that generates oxygen when applied to the skin.” Anyone else terrified? When it comes to medical-grade facials, always visit a credible medical spa, like AESTHETICS 360°.


If you want to learn more about preventing, maintaining, repairing or enhancing your skin or body, contact us — not a TikTok “influencer” — for a complimentary consultation!

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