5 Common Botox & Filler Misconceptions

5 Common Botox & Filler Misconceptions

There always seems to be more than a few rumors swirling around about Botox and fillers. From how they work to what they treat, confusion abounds. And that’s where we come in. One of our missions at our Milwaukee medical spa is truth and transparency — and that extends to every single one of our skin, body and injectable treatments, as well as our medical-grade skincare products.



In the spirit of busting myths and clarifying misinformation, we’ve compiled five common Botox and filler misconceptions for our latest fact check.


Botox and Fillers Work the Same Way: Nope, these two treatments work in completely different ways. Botox is a neuromodulator that specifically targets the muscle  to quiet it down and limit movement caused by repetitive facial expressions. This is why Botox is the gold standard for reducing and eliminating wrinkles between the brows, horizontal forehead lines and lines around the eyes. Fillers are used to augment or “fill” tissues that have lost volume or to enhance facial features. It can be used in most areas of the face including the cheeks, lips, around the mouth, chin and the popular jawline.



Botox is Only Effective For Forehead Wrinkles: Wrong again! Botox is clinically proven to treat lines on both the face and neck. While the forehead is the most common area for Botox treatment, crow’s feet, neck lines, chin, and the area above the upper lip can subtly benefit from small doses of strategically placed Botox. The popular “lip flip” utilizes the subtle nature of Botox to help shape the top lip. By relaxing the muscle around the mouth, Botox can show a very subtle upper lip eversion. (But take note: The lip flip offers very different aesthetic results than lip filler… lasting about six weeks — as opposed to lip filler, which can last three to twelve months depending on the individual. That’s quite a difference!)


Botox and Fillers Are For Women Only: The use of dermal fillers by men is on the rise as they are turning to this treatment to achieve a more chiseled or refreshed look. Like women, men often worry about appearing tired and sallow as they age, and dermal fillers are the perfect treatment to restore a more youthful looking appearance. And Botox? C’mon, wrinkles and fine lines don’t discriminate! They are an equal-opportunity nuisance for both women and men.


You Will Always Get Injected With The Same Amount of Product and In The Same Place: Botox and filler placement will absolutely evolve over time. We can slow down the appearance of aging, but the clock keeps ticking! The aging face results in a downward and inward descent of our facial structure. Our appearance can often look flat and sunken due to a shift in our facial muscles and fat pads, and the lack of collagen production (which aids elasticity). Even our bones start to diminish as we age — eek!  Fillers can help boost the volume of cheeks, define the jawline, minimize the appearance of under-eye bags, plump and define lips, and so much more. Similarly, our wrinkles can and will pop up in new places throughout the aging process, so your Botox dosing and placement can change over time, as well.


Lip Filler = Fake-Looking Lips: Not necessarily — and not at A360! A good injector will spend time talking with you about how to achieve your perfect pout goals. While every patient is different, the best way to ensure a natural result is by choosing a skilled injector from a reputable medical spa who will be transparent about your expectations and results. And there’s nothing fake about that!


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